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Certificate of conformity and Declaration of conformity for communication means Information about Testing Laboratory “ERA” VCS “Svyaz-effektivnost” FSS Notification

Testing Laboratory “ERA” was founded for the purpose of certification testing of vehicle components, providing emergency response services and vehicle monitoring for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of wheeled vehicles” (TR CU 018/2011).

Testing Laboratory “ERA” is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service of the Russian Federation to test communication means for compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and is department of “CC Svyaz-sertificat” ANO.

Accreditation certificate of the Testing Laboratory “ERA” is № RA.RU.22CC05.

Experts of the Testing Laboratory carry out testing communication means and verify ability of the manufacturer 
o produce communication equipment confirming requirements within the validity period of the Certificate of conformity.

Testing Laboratory was founded in 2000 to provide certification testing of communication means in order to confirm its compliance with the requirements of the Russian standards and regulatory legal acts in the field of communication.

Testing Laboratory has the most modern equipment and measuring tools of the Russian and foreign top companies at its disposal.

The equipment allows to simulate appropriate fragments of telecommunication network based on the latest technologies and standards and to measure the parameters of tested telecommunication devices.

SORM Testing:

Experts of Testing Laboratory carry out certification testing of the equipment, including software providing fulfillment relevant actions during operative investigative procedures (SORM). 


Accreditation Scope of Testing Laboratory

For certification:

  1. Data switching and packet routing equipment
  2. Base stations and radio access network repeaters
  3. Radio access equipment (radio access points)
  4. Equipment including software providing fulfillment relevant actions during operative investigative procedures

For declaration:

  1. Mobile radio stations with analog modulation of mobile radio network
  2. Signal combining equipment
  3. Mobile radio stations (terminals) of mobile telephone communication network (GSM/UMTS/LTE)
  4. Radio access network terminating equipment (WiFi, Bluetooth)
  5. Antenna amplifier of mobile telephone network
  6. Terminating equipment connected to two-wire analog joint of public telephone network
  7. Systems equipment of transfer of subscriber access
  8. Equipment maintaining shots switching technology
  9. Communication tools ensuring access to information and telecommunication network data, transmission of email and fax messages
  10. Intelligent network equipment
  11. Equipment for transmission of voice and video information over data networks
  12. Interface boards of computer-telephone integration connected to PSTN
  13. Terminal equipment with switching systems functions
  14. Antenna-feeder devices
  15. Power supply equipment
  16. Signal combining equipment (combiners/splitters)


Experts of the Testing Laboratory will be glad to help you to understand all details of conformity assessment of products, offer competent advice and carry out works on conformity assessment.

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