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For SRO members

CC Svyaz-sertificat” ANO is recognized as competent certification body of management system in:

  • Noncommercial partnership “Self-regulating organization “Association of gas and oil complex builders” (NP “SRO OSGiNK”);

  • Self-regulating organization within noncommercial partnership “Association of organizations providing project work in the oil and gas industry “Inzhener-Proektirovshchik” (SRO NP “Inzhener-Proektirovshchik”).


For members and member applicants of self-regulating organizations “CC Svyaz-sertificat” ANO provides management systems certification within following certification systems:

  • GOST R certification system;
  • VCS MS “Management System Register”;
  • VCS “Military Register”;
  • Afnor or PCBC;

Management system certification is carried out for compliance with the requirements of following standards:

  • GOST ISO 9001-2011 “Quality Management System. Requirements”;
  • GOST R ISO 14001-2007 “Environmental Management System. Requirements with guidance for use”;
  • GOST R 12.0.230-2007 “Occupational safety standards system. Occupational safety and health management systems. General requirements”;
  • GOST R ISO/IEC 27001-2006 “Security techniques. Information security management systems. Requirements”;
  • ISO 50001-2011 “Energy management systems”.

Scope of accreditation of “CC Svyaz-sertificat” ANO according to “National Classification of Economic Activities” OK 029-2007 (NACE rev. 1.1) includes:


  • Chemical production (code 24);
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products (code 25);
  • Manufacture of other non-metallic products (code 26);
  • Metallurgical production (code 27);
  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products (code 28);
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment (code 29);
  • Manufacture of office equipment and computers (code 30);
  • Manufacture of electrical machinery and electrical equipment (code 31);
  • Manufacture of radio, television and communication (code 32);
  • Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches (code 33);
  • Production of ships, aircraft and spacecraft and other transport equipment (code 35);

Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water:

  • Production, transmission and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and hot water (code 40);


  • Construction (code 45);

Transport and communications:

  • Supporting and auxiliary transport activities (code 63);
  • Communication (code 64);

Real estate operations, rent and services:

  • Activities related to the use of computer and information technology (code 72);
  • Research and development (code 73);
  • Provision of other services (code 74);

Education (code 80).

Certificate of QMS Certification Body’s Inclusion into Register of QMS Certification Bodies approved by SRO NP “Inzhener-Proektirovshchik”

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